When You Are LED – Just DO IT


I just came across this photo I took on Mount Shasta when I took my granddaughter there when she was five. She kept saying over and over how she wanted to go to the top of the mountain. There was a drought and wild fires going on and there was nothing attractive about the mountain. No snow, no greenery just dirt – but she wouldn’t let up. I knew she was being LED to go up there and I wanted her to have her experience.

We got in the car and drove up as high as we could go and once we were in the parking lot she said, “come on gramma it’s over here. Bring a pen and paper.” So I got them and just followed her.

Way off to one end there were big rocks scattered everywhere and she started building with them. I said “what are you doing?” she said, “the angels told me to build a message center.” I said, “what’s that?” She said, “a place they can make dreams come true.” I could see the energy in her expanding further and further out as she went about building the structure.

To look at it, it was nothing special. It was just a tower of rocks, but watching her energy as she built it, I could see each rock was being carefully placed in the way she was being led. When she was done she raised her hands up, closed her eyes and stayed like that for about 5 minutes. Then she said “it is done.”

As we turned and walked away, I suddenly felt this huge surge of energy behind us and got out my phone and took this picture.

Divine energy was piercing into her little structure.

In unison we both said out loud at the same time…. “All that worship here will be touched by the hand of God.” It was so profound coming from a 5 year old but we both knew it had really come from God.

It is one of those things you will never forget. I hear the words and feel the energy as if it is just happened even though it has been 7 years now.

That memory popped in and I felt led to share it with you for an example how, if you just DO IT when you are led, you may receive a miracle. For to many of you something random pops into you mind to do and you just shake it off. Try following those prompts and see how your life changes.

Have a day that is blessed beyond measure.

Please share with anyone that you think might benefit from this information!


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